partners to create sustainable and liveable environment for communities most impacted by unmanaged waste.
BlueSkye provides clean waste management solutions without cost for countries or local communities that do not have the ability to handle the ever-increasing waste problem.
BlueSkye‘s income enables building of waste management facilities and infrastructures to support charitable operations for most impacted communities in cooperation with local communities.
BlueSkye has potential to build 200 plants over the first five years and 500 plants over ten years.

BlueSkye is committed to: 
Helping communities provide basic services to all of their members based on equality and support local efforts to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.
Transparency in operations.
Using the Best Available Technology.

The BlueSkye Foundation Head Quarters is located in Geneva, Switzerland. BlueSkye Foundation offices will be set around the world with first national office being set up in Manila, Philippines. BlueSkye Foundation will have presence by independent national and regional offices across the world. It is setting up operations in every country that has BlueSkye Foundation waste-to-power facilities, and includes need based community healing activites such as orphanages, schools, family and women shelters and others. BlueSkye Foundation national or regional offices are licensed to use the name BlueSkye or BlueSkye.Life. Each office will be governed by BlueSkye Foundation which appoints a local representative (called a Trustee).

Geneva is a home for many prominent international charities and corporations. Its regulations are stringent and any aspiring organisations are investigated thoroughly and their operations are monitored closely. BlueSkye Foundation wants to project these values to public, including transparently of operations.

BlueSkye Foundation receives funds in form of large donations, small donations, power sales, and its various commercial operations such as GreenTech Exchange and De-carbonizing Challenge. All these proceeds go directly back to funding our charities and operations and funding new waste-to-power plants globally. Non-profit status of BlyeSkye.Life means that the funds that are channelled to these purposes through Swiss head quarters are not taxed. Therefore, all these funds are used to fullfill our Vision and Mission 100%. Any outside party can verify this through our head quarters.

Country Trustees meet once a year to agree on the long-term strategy of the International Council of BlueSkye (ICBS) charity organisation, to make necessary changes to it’s governance structure, to set a directions on spending for ICBS budget and to elect the International Board of four members and a chairperson and a four operational board of Trustees to ICBS.

BlueSkye Foundation is present. These partners are operating  in the facilities provided to the selected partners  free of charge and managed and funded by BlueSkye Foundation.

BlueSkye Foundation monitors the organisational development of BlueSkye Foundation offices, oversees the development and maintenance of it’s waste management facilites, coordinates planning and implementation of global campaigns, and monitors compliance with Values, Core Policies and processes, which are documented in BlueSkye Foundation Management System documentation (ISO compliant).

BlueSkye Foundation builds large number of waste-to-energy power plants that are used to segregate two waste streams: contents of old dumpsites and new community waste in impacted communities. Part of these waste streams, e.g. metals, can be recycled and we enable our technology partners to do just that. Another part of these waste streams can be converted to energy by incinerating it in power plants using the best available sustainable technology. Last part is biomass that is separated from other waste as much as possible, so that harmful biogas emitted (mostly methane, which is extremely bad Climate gas) during its decomposition can be captured. This methane can be used to partly fuel the power plant or to be used in other applications by our technology partners.

BlueSkye Foundation removes waste free of charge from communities that have no feasible means to do this by themselves. By emptying existing unmanaged waste dumps and landfills and handling any new community waste, the living environment of impacted communities can be restored to more healthy and habitable state.

Communities that are impacted by pollution and especially illegal dump sites and unmanaged land fills are often suffering from despeakable living conditions. Community members are forced to endure and raise children in uninhabitable conditions. BlueSkye Foundation assesses in close coordination with national and local government units and community leaders what social needs these impacted communites have. BlueSkye Foundation selects and agrees to provide necessary charitable services through suitable international or local Partners. These community healing services are free to all members of impacted community. These services can be Nordic standard schools, orphanages, family and woman shelters, livelihood centers for adult training and livelihood support, etc.

We consolidate a comprehensive and objective information regarding Climate Change, related news and views for student and youth consumption. We believe that it is important to build future in responsible way and we want to be active part of building it and cleaner and healthier future, where sustainable development is driven by knowledge and objective understanding. Enabling youth to develop their own objective views is based on free and unobstructed flow of information and global vision that nobody is doing this work alone. Climate change and how it impacts the future of all of us must be discussed and understood globally. We hope that you can participate in spreading this message to all people in your school, work place, social network, area and region.

You can send your brief introduction with CV and short reasoning why you should be considered. Our team will assess your message and get back to you with info how to proceed if merited.