Thank you for your interest in BlueSkye Foundation and especially our fight against climate warming and unmanaged waste. We are constantly in touch with all of our supporters and donors on our social media channels, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and this site. You can always reach us at info@BlueSkye.Life.

We are always looking for new talents to our teams globally and new financial supporters to help us continue our work. We look forward to hearing from you.

Hundreds of volunteers, donors and supporters advance the BlueSkye Foundation vision to enable the possibility for life in highly toxic areas all over the world by healing the nature and communities around illegal waste dumps and unmanaged landfills.

We believe that Blue Sky is important to us all… regardless of how much we own or earn. We also believe that our approach to waste is the game-changer in the fight against climate warming and environmental pollution.

We believe that by turning waste to the energy we can also provide long-term help for people in impacted communities. These beliefs guide us and inspire us to make the efforts to change the lives of the underprivileged families and kids we serve and nature and environment we love.

It is not too late to change the trend. Join our fight against climate warming! Donate and volunteer!

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The time to act is NOW.

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